Our Parish

The St. Anthony’s Catholic Parish and School is built upon the philosophy that the Catholic Faith and a receiving a good education is key for Native American youth to help break the cycle of unemployment and poverty.

Founded in 1629, the “Old Mission” was dedicated to Our Lady of Guadalupe. Established at Halona in the center of what is now the Zuni Pueblo, St. Anthony’s Catholic Mission provides quality Catholic teaching and education to the people of the Zuni Pueblo.

Our School

ST. ANTHONY’S INDIAN SCHOOL has been serving the Zuni community for nearly 100 years. The Sisters of Saint Francis of Perpetual Adoration started to run and operate the school with 43 students on September 3, 1923.

The ST. ANTHONY’S INDIAN SCHOOL is open to students of all religious persuasions offering a high quality education with a strong Catholic ethos. St. Anthony aims to successfully equip its alumni with the academic, moral and cultural ethos necessary for the 21st century.

Our Diocese

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Gallup is a multicultural, expansive diocese, comprising 55,000 square miles in Northeastern Arizona and Northwestern New Mexico. There are 53 parishes, 13 schools, and 5 social centers within the diocesan boundaries—all serving approximately 58,000 Catholics among a total population of 490,000.

We are a Catholic community working to help foster the overall fulfillment of life and to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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Zuni St Anthony Students packing Gifts 2021

January 2022 Newsletter

A most happy and blessed New Year to you!   So far 2022 seems to be moving at a remarkable speed, or perhaps it’s just my age telling me to slow down and enjoy each day as it comes. Good […]

December 2021 Newsletter | Christmas Card

December 2021 Newsletter | Christmas Card

It is again my joy and privilege to send you warm Christmas greetings from St. Anthony Zuni Mission School. Thoughts of the flight of the Holy Family into Egypt fill my mind this Christmas. Their journey of faith first took […]

Saint Anthony School Zuni Dancers

November 2021 Newsletter

Greetings once more from all of us at St Anthony’s, where spirits are high but temperatures are low! I am speaking about both the weather and of course our daily Covid check on students and staff. We are grateful that both […]

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