Zuni Class Greeting

October 2021 Newsletter

Greetings from the Zuni Pueblo where the crisp feel of autumn is in the air, and the oaks and cottonwoods are flaming yellows and burnished golds. I returned from my trip to Scotland to find the buildings still standing, the School fully operational and the office work up-to-date. It made me wonder if I was needed or even missed? As […]

Zuni Church Attendees

September 2021 Newsletter

Blessings of Peace from St. Anthony’s. I have wanted to begin a newsletter with just such a greeting for a long time. Today as I wander through the School and find each grade hard at work in class, the cafeteria staff silently preparing food, and even the maintenance men (while pulling apart some of the roof) humming quietly to themselves, […]

Waiting to learn at St. Anthony's School - Zuni

August 2021 Newsletter

I have such a sense of relief, joy, concern, hope and faith all mixed together as I bring you the wonderful news that St. Anthony’s has reopened once more with 140 students present for “in person” learning! Among those mixed emotions joy and faith are dominant as the 2021/2022 adventure begins. Adventure is the appropriate word as we step forward […]

Zuni School Math & Crafts

July 2021 Newsletter

Greetings from a wonderfully wet Zuni! Yes, we’ve had several days of good rain and pray that it continues. Our local Rain Dances must have encouraged the reluctant clouds. Many parts of New Mexico and neighboring states are still dangerously dry so we count every drop as a blessing. Our summer school was a wonderful success. With 58 students attending […]

Zuni St Anthony 2021

June 2021 Newsletter

Greetings from a peaceful Zuni! All of us are experiencing an amazing sense of relief and gratitude. Although summer school still has a few days to run, the bulk of the students departed on May 28th for a well earned summer break. Soon the faculty will be able to enjoy their much-deserved break as well. Our great sense of relief, […]

May Crowning Zuni Mission

May 2021 Newsletter

Greetings from a sunny, warm and cheerful Zuni!If you have ever been preparing for a journey and packing a small handy suitcase at the very last moment only to find that you can’t squeeze much more into it, then you will know how I feel in this month of May 2021. Our primary focus is the end of the school […]

Zuni Mission School - End of Day

April 2021 Newsletter

It’s all coming together!I truly hope that you had a wonderful Easter celebration filled with as much light and joy as was ours. I am in my 34th year of priesthood and have served on several continents, but I can’t remember ever having been as elated as I was this year! With glorious sunshine on Easter day, in all four […]

Zuni Mission School Classroom March 2021

March 2021 Newsletter

Lenten greetings from Zuni! I am really not a person who remembers dates very well, but March 15th 2020 is indelibly written in my “wee brain.” It was the day that we had to close St. Anthony School, saying goodbye to the students, for how long, nobody had any idea. Approaching the one year anniversary, I cannot help but reminisce. […]

St Anthony Zuni School Students 2021

February 2021 Newsletter

Greetings from the Zuni Pueblo! Although two thirds of our students are still learning at home, there is a gradual trickle of students back into classroom learning. This month an additional seven youngsters returned to “in person teaching.” It doesn’t sound like much, but it makes a tremendous difference to the atmosphere in our classrooms and generally around the campus. […]

St Anthony Zuni Parade-2020 - 2021

January 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to St. Anthony’s 2021! I hope that you had a blessed Christmas season and an enjoyable welcoming of the New Year. It was certainly memorable for me if for no other reason than there were no weekend restrictions with which to cope! I am a little irritated when people speak of the “New Norm” since our aim is to […]

Fourth Day Advent

4th Sunday of Advent

Fourth Sunday of Advent Gospel Reflection Fr. Alcuin Hurl, FHS The second and third Sundays of Advent we have been reflecting on the figure of John the Baptist but now Holy Mother Church turns our attention toward the figure of Mary. In the first reading we hear about David wanting to build God a house. The ark of the covenant […]

Third Sunday of Advent Gospel Reflection

Third Sunday of Advent Gospel Reflection

Third Sunday of Advent Gospel Reflection: John 1:6-8,19-28 By Fr. Alcuin Hurl, FHS Happy Gaudete Sunday! Gaudete is plural imperative that literally means “ya’ll rejoice” (if you are from Texas) or “yinz rejoice” (if you are from Pittsburgh). What reason do we have to rejoice on this third Sunday of Advent? Gaudete is the first word in the entrance antiphon […]

fr. Patrick McGuire Zuni mission school reflecting December


Late as usual, I am hurriedly beginning to send out Christmas Cards. I know that I have managed to send out our school card to our donors, friends and supporters now it’s time to contact family and friends. As I write the cards I ask myself why am I doing this? I do try to keep in contact throughout the […]

Advent Week 2 - St. Anthony - Zuni

Advent Week 2

The first week of Advent focuses on the Lord’s second coming at the end of time. The second and third weeks of Advent focus on the appearance of John the Baptist proclaiming the first coming of Jesus. Let us look at what the Baptist has to say to us. We know from the Gospel of Luke that John was from […]

Advent Week 1

Beginning of Advent Week 1

Happy Advent! Mark 13:33-7 Jesus in the Gospel this Sunday calls us to be vigilant. What are we watching for and why? First we are watching for the coming of Jesus. This primarily refers to his second coming at the end of the world when he will separate the sheep from the goats and bring his bride the Church to […]

Christmas Pre K 2019 St Anthony Zuni Mission School

December – Christmas Videos

We thought we would share a little “Christmas Cheer” with some videos from our 2019 Christmas Program. We think every child from our school is a natural dancer and artist. Enjoy! 8th Grade Surprise Performance Pre K Christmas Performance 4th Grade Christmas 2019 Audience Participation Have a Very Merry and Blessed Christmas!St. Anthony’s Mission School Blessings always…Sincerely, Fr. Patrick McGuire […]

St. Anthony Indian School Zuni - Blessed Christmas 2020

From the Students at St. Anthony’s

A friend once said that peace flowed in her heart as she considered the silence in the stable in Bethlehem as the home- less family waited to hear the first cry of the newborn infant. It is a silence that resounds with expectation, with hope and with vision. Amid the confusion that Joseph and Mary must have felt, there was […]

St Anthony Zuni Mass

November 2020 Newsletter

Autumn greetings once again from the high desert, where as I write to you the blustery winds are bringing hope of much needed rain and even snow. I hope that this letter will reach you before Thanksgiving because I want you to know how deeply and personally I am grateful for the support and encouragement that you have always given […]

Zuni St Anthony Mission School 4th grade class chalkboard

October 2020 Newsletter

Autumn greetings from the high desert, where the first signs of fall are beginning show forth. After such a disappointing monsoon with almost no rain, we look forward to the local cottonwood and scrub oak dazzling us with their fall colors. (It is rather nice to speak of such ordinary things rather than renovations, distancing and safety measures!) Let me […]

End of first day at Zuni St Anthony School

September 2020 Newsletter

“Joy to the world!” No, I’m not speaking of Christmas Joy (although we should have it all year round) but joy that the students are finally returning to St. Anthony’s! I can’t tell you how good it feels to share these few words with you. As of September 8th the first group of students has returned! I should explain our […]