Fourth Day Advent

4th Sunday of Advent

Fourth Sunday of Advent
Gospel Reflection
Fr. Alcuin Hurl, FHS

The second and third Sundays of Advent we have been reflecting on the figure of John the Baptist but now Holy Mother Church turns our attention toward the figure of Mary. In the first reading we hear about David wanting to build God a house. The ark of the covenant was still stored in a tent. But God stops him and says through the prophet Nathan that God himself will build a house for David and his heir shall rule forever.

We Christian believe that this heir who shall rule in the house of David forever is Jesus. And the house for Jesus or true temple is Mary who we call the ark of the covenant. Mary says yes to the angel and her yes allows Jesus to come into the world and become our savior. God promises a stable dwelling for his people. This refers to us the Church where Jesus continues to dwell and give people hope and peace.

In these times of uncertainty and confusion God’s promise is what we can hang onto and remind ourselves of. When we do this we also imitate the yes of Mary to God’s plan. She did not know exactly what was going to happen but she trusted that God would keep his promise. We are called in these difficult uncertain times to imitate Mary so we can also through faith bear the Word of God in the world.

Come Lord Jesus!!!

Blessings always…

Fr. Patrick McGuire