Letter to Parents Update

Letter to Parents – School Update 7-27-2020

Dear Parents and Guardians

Thank you for bringing your children to St. Anthony’s as we begin the schools 98th year of service to the community in Zuni.

For 17 weeks we have been preparing our school for re-opening on 10th August.
On 23rd July the State Governor announced the closure of public schools until 7th September.

Private schools such as St. Anthony are not compelled to follow the dictates for public schools, merely to comply with public health regulations. However it would be foolish not to take heed of the reasons given for the Governor’s decision many of which had previously been voiced within our Zuni community.

While our school meets the public health standards and more, local conditions must be a significant factor in making a decision and this includes the community’s perceptions, anxieties and feelings. (This is part of being a real Community). Above all else we must consider the safety of students and staff.

It is the opinion of almost all educationalists and even medical authorities that schools should re-open as soon as possible but safely. As part of our preparation for re-opening we have extended our facilities for virtual learning for the sake of the families who had anxiety about sending the children into school.

In the light of all these factors, although the decision is painful and the disappointment is immense, it has been decided to delay re-opening until 7th/8th September. However we will be conducting classes by virtual learning from 10th August.

Registration will take place on 27th July as planned. Please complete and return the communications form so that we can assess what needs to be done to provide the “Virtual link” to each student.

As soon as it is deemed safe to do so we will bring students back to school.

Yours sincerely
P. N. McGuire sma Pastor/School Administrator

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