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St. Anthony Mission School Covid-19 Classroom Reconstruction

Father Patrick McGuire has organized a fundraiser on behalf of St. Anthony Indian Mission. Donations are 100% tax deductible.

St. Anthony School: GoFundMe page

St. Anthony Indian School in Zuni, NM, is preparing for school’s re-opening. We are standing on the threshold of a new tomorrow. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we know it has to be and will “look” very different.

Perhaps the piece of our new reality that demands the most drastic changes is the call for social distancing. In order to make social distancing possible in classrooms our classrooms have to become bigger.

This work has begun because we so want to have our students back here on campus. We are knocking down walls to make four small classrooms into two big classrooms. We are also moving walls outward to enlarge other existing rooms. This will be taking over the library space so the library will be moved to a smaller location. The making of these new larger classrooms are just a few examples of the changes necessitated by the Covid-19 reality. The other reality is that all of these changes are adding up to more expenses that are far beyond what we were prepared to spend this summer.

To make St. Anthony Indian School as safe as possible for our students means either renovating or in some instances, re-creating many new but necessary changes! These changes have created a real need for your help.  Although we are trying to recycle as many materials as possible, it’s not always enough. New materials and building supplies have to be purchased. We need a fire escape stairway to be purchased as well and installed on the west side of the administration building. This is in order to safely have two classes upstairs and of course we need to pay laborers a just wage.

St. Anthony Mission School Graduating Class

We hope you can help us meet these needs. We also hope you’ll want to be a continuing part of the great unfolding story of St. Anthony’s, where our vision says:

“Rooted in Catholic and Zuni values, and armed with deep faith, strong character and academic excellence, St. Anthony Indian School graduates will be empowered to shape a better tomorrow.”

Tomorrow will be a brand new chapter to our story. We hope and pray that you can help to make it happen.  No donation is too small. We are so grateful for any help you can give!  Please hold all at St. Anthony Indian School in your prayers as we embark on the newest chapter in our journey to tomorrow! Thank you and God Bless!

St. Anthony School: GoFundMe page